Megan j .Pryce



These collages were created of magazine images from the mid 1900sā€”a dark period in which the eugenics movement gained mass popularity and spurred horrific crimes spanning the forced sterilization of thousands in the United States to the Holocaust. The 'normate body' is still a popular construct in advertising today disregarding and thus disapproving of the diversity which makes up the human race. I wanted to unify these images with some of my favorite narratives by Milan Kundera. In his novels, Kundera explores the psychology of human attraction and the inherent objectification that comes with lust. The covers are as surreal and disorienting as his character's lives as they struggle to come to terms with their own flaws during the communist era in the Czech Republic.

The first narrative, Life is Elsewhere tells a coming of age story about a young Czech poet living through the second world war and his conflicted relationship with his single mother. 

The second narrative, Laughable Love is a compilation of short essays around the mythos of lust and love. I wanted to depict a sort of interwar period mermaid/ghost figure for this cover emphasizing the skewed perspectives of each character. 

The final narrative, The Unbearable Lightness of Being is about a complicated love triangle and the trials that the main couple Tomas and Tereza endure during Thomas's infidelity. I wanted the cover to represent Tereza as a complex woman struggling between her thoughts and actions as well as her own sexuality.